17 Aug

Seyla Benhabib

Posted By Politybooks

Seyla Benhabib is among the foremost ethical and political thinkers of our time. Her humane and wide-ranging scholarship has proven a much-needed beacon of cosmopolitan civility and tolerance in the contemporary world. Turkish-American by background, Benhabib has occupied many distinguished academic posts in institutions ranging from the University of Amsterdam to Harvard, and is now Eugene Mayer Professor of Political Science and Philosophy at Yale University. Her writings have united critical theory in the tradition of Habermas with feminist philosophy, a perspective that has underpinned her influential work on democratic theory, human rights and migration. Her imaginative reformulation of fundamental principles of cosmopolitanism and sovereignty has allowed her to argue persuasively against the powerful shibboleths of nationalism, racism and misogyny. Her books with Polity include Situating the Self and Dignity in Adversity.