17 Aug

Terry Eagleton

Posted By Politybooks

Terry Eagleton’s bold fusion of Marxist theory and Roman Catholicism has made him one of the liveliest and most controversial figures in post-war British cultural and literary theory. A student of Raymond Williams, in his early work he partially reacted against his mentor and offered a broadly Marxist approach to the study of nineteenth-century literary texts. Since the 1980s he has made his name as one of the foremost expositors of continental literary, cultural and social theory, supplementing his Marxist outlook by engaging with Derrida, Lacan and structuralism. He has also continued to make headlines by his fearsome attack on the ‘New Atheism’, his continuing defence of the relevance of Marxism and his Roman Catholic faith, and his developing views on the usefulness of theory to the study of literature. Polity has published his Raymond Williams: Critical Perspectives.