Akbar S. Ahmed

Akbar S. Ahmed is one of the world’s leading authorities on Islam, as well as an acclaimed poet, playwright and former diplomat. Currently the Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies at American University in Washington, DC, Ahmed has been the Pakistani High Commissioner to the UK, and has held many distinguished academic posts around the world, including the Chair of Pakistan Studies at the University of Cambridge. His work has consistently sought to demonstrate the commonalities between the Western and Islamic worlds, and the need to foster mutual understanding and toleration. He is the author of a series of influential books on Islam in the world today, including Islam Today, Postmodernism and Islam, Journey into Islam and The Thistle and the Drone: How America’s War on Terror Became a Global War on Tribal Islam. His emphasis on the need for interfaith dialogue and peace shines through in the books he has published with Polity, which include Islam Under Siege: Living Dangerously in a Post-Honor World and After Terror.