Albrecht Wellmer

Albrecht Wellmer is a major figure in contemporary German philosophy who has produced important work on ethics, aesthetics and political theory. Currently Emeritus Professor of Critical Theory and Aesthetics at the Freie Universität Berlin, in his early career he was a student of Habermas, and is now considered one of the key thinkers in the second generation of German Critical Theory. His work has sought to show the continuing relevance of the emancipatory potential of the Enlightenment in the face of postmodern scepticism about ‘grand theories’ and utopian theorizing. In 2006 he won the prestigious Theodor W. Adorno Award, which recognizes outstanding achievement in philosophy, theatre, music and film. He has also written widely on thinkers such as Rorty, Wittgenstein and Adorno. Polity has published his seminal work The Persistence of Modernity: Aesthetics, Ethics and Postmodernism.