Antonio Negri

Antonio Negri ranks as one of the most influential thinkers on the radical left today. Beginning his career as professor of philosophy in Padua, in the early 1980s he fled Italy for France after allegations were made connecting him with the activities of the Red Brigade. He returned to Italy under a plea bargain in 1997 and wrote many books while imprisoned, including the bestseller Empire with co-author Michael Hardt. From founding the Potere operaio (Workers' Power) group in the late 1960s, Negri's theories have centred on the ability of the working classes themselves to change the structures of capitalism, independent of the state, trade unions or political parties. Polity has published many of his books, including Reflections on Empire, Empire and Beyond, Art and Multitude and Pipeline: Letters from Prison. In 2019, Polity published Spinoza: Then and Now, the final part of a trilogy that uses the development of radical thought in the 20th century as the springboard for a deeper examination of the social and economic forces shaping our world today.