Armand Mattelart

Armand Mattelart is a French sociologist of Belgian origins who has made important contributions to our understanding of the media and communication. From a Catholic background, he started his career as a demographer, and was sent to Chile by the Vatican to conduct research on the politics of population growth. In Chile, his thinking radicalized and he became a supporter of the Allende regime, authoring How to Read Donald Duck, a famous work on American cultural imperialism. On the fall of the Allende regime he fled to France, where he began his academic career afresh at University of Paris VIII . His later work continued to uncover the dynamics of hegemony and ideology in the media, analysing the communication strategies of corporations and multinational organizations ranging from Hollywood to McDonald’s. Latterly he has also worked on global mechanisms of surveillance, a theme explored in his Polity book The Globalization of Surveillance.