Ash Amin

Ash Amin’s contribution to human geography is difficult to overestimate. After prominent positions at Newcastle and Durham, Amin is now the 1931 Chair in Geography at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Christ's College. His versatile work on subjects ranging from urban life and globalization to regionalism and Europe defies disciplinary boundaries, straddling the divide between geography, sociology and politics, as well as helping to forge new areas of scholarly endeavour, such as urban and regional studies. His work on the modern city has been particularly influential, helping us to problematize our old assumptions and recognize the new and unfamiliar forms of agency and power that define contemporary urban living while also alerting us to the political dimensions of these processes. Amin has developed this innovative approach in his books with Polity, which include Cities: Reimagining the Urban, Seeing Like a City (both with Nigel Thrift) and Land of Strangers.