Bernard Stiegler

Bernard Stiegler has united an unusual life with a highly original mind to make himself one of France's leading contemporary philosophers. Incarcerated for armed robbery between 1978 and 1983, a period which kindled his interest in the philosophical themes that would occupy him for many years, Stiegler has since published ground-breaking work on a dazzling array of themes, ranging from technology and time to consumerism and education. His major theme is the impact of technology and what he terms 'hyperindustrialism' on human rationality, social life and politics. Having set up his own political and cultural group, 'Ars Industrialis', in 2005, and his own philosophical school in 2010, he has published several multi-volume works, including Technics and Time, Disbelief and Discredit and Symbolic Misery. Polity published the three volumes of Disbelief and Discredit as The Decadence of Industrial Democracies (vol. 1), Uncontrollable Societies of Disaffected Individuals (vol. 2) and The Lost Spirit of Capitalism (vol. 3). Polity also published the two volumes of Symbolic Misery as well as numerous other works, such as For a New Critique of Political Economy, What Makes Life Worth Living and most recently The Age of Disruption.