Byung-Chul Han

Byung-Chul Han, a South Korean cultural theorist and philosopher, is gaining ever-greater recognition as a leading social thinker and cultural critic. He currently teaches cultural studies and philosophy at Universit√§t der K√ľnste Berlin. His work has focused on unravelling the implications of living in a society characterized both by digital media and by rampant neoliberal market forces. His witty, aphoristic writings, influenced by Heidegger, Nietzsche and Deleuze, characterize contemporary societies as ravaged by an epidemic of psychological and collective cognitive dysfunctions that arise as the result of valuing positivity, transparency and continuous, compulsory connectivity above all else. His books The Transparency Society and The Burnout Society became international bestsellers. He has recently developed his penetrating diagnosis of modernity in new directions, applying it to subjects such as aesthetics, time and pop culture. Polity is the publisher of several important works by Chan, including The Scent of Time, Saving Beauty, What is Power? and The Expulsion of the Other.