David Lyon

David Lyon is a world-leading sociologist whose ground-breaking interdisciplinary work on surveillance has transformed our understanding of the nature of power, technology and morality in the modern world. Currently Director of the Surveillance Studies Centre at Queen’s University (Canada), his early work examined the relationship between religion and social theory. He is perhaps best-known for his research on surveillance, which has shown how the rise of phenomena such as ID cards, CCTV and Big Data not only poses a fundamental threat to our privacy, but also has far wider implications, in terms of social exclusion, the undermining of the fabric of our democracy, and the rise of ever more authoritarian forms of governance. These pioneering ideas, which have laid the foundations of the field of ‘Surveillance Studies’, have been explored in depth in his many books with Polity, such as The Electronic Eye, Surveillance Studies: An Overview, Surveillance After Snowden, and The Culture of Surveillance.