Doreen Massey

Doreen Massey was a British geographer whose work on space, power and class had a profound impact throughout the social sciences. A longstanding professor at the Open University, in her early work she examined the spatial dynamics of class and the role of uneven regional development in the reproduction of social inequality. This perspective, outlined in her classic work Spatial Divisions of Labour, combined a Marxist emphasis on class and power with a geographer’s perspective on the importance of the varying trajectories and cultures of different places. She brought feminist analysis into the picture in her Polity book Space, Place and Gender, which also contained her classic analysis of the dynamic and global sense of place she found in her study of Kilburn High Street. Her oeuvre was fundamental in radicalizing geography and illuminating the spatial logic of neoliberal globalization. Her other books with Polity include World City and Human Geography Today.