Georges Duby

Georges Duby was an historian whose work on the social and economic history of the Middle Ages elevated him to the top echelons of French public life for over thirty years. An intellectual giant of the ‘Third Generation’ of the influential Annales School, he held the chair of medieval history at the Collège de France for many years. In many ways the heir to Annales founder Maurice Bloch, he made his name with his virtuoso study of eleventh-century rural life in the Macon region. Perhaps most famous for his 1978 opus The Three Orders, which examined the link between material realities and the ideological underpinnings of the feudal system, his fusion of the study of mentalités and economics on subjects including women, art and marriage was hugely influential. Polity has published six books by Duby, including Women of the Twelfth Century (three volumes)and Art and Society in the Middle Ages.