Jacques Le Goff

Jacques Le Goff was a highly respected French historian of the Middle Ages, and, as one of the principal intellectual heirs of the famous Annales School, became a leading figure in the New History movement of the 1970s. During a distinguished career which saw him spend many years as the director of the École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Le Goff's output embodied the characteristic features of Annales history, emphasising culture, anthropology, and the longue durée rather than merely the actions of 'great men'. His many books, ranging from studies of medieval bankers and merchants to explorations of time, culture and religion, transformed our view of the Middle Ages, emphasising the epoch's nature as a distinct civilization of its own, poised between Greco-Roman antiquity and modernity. Polity published one of his greatest later works, Money and the Middle Ages: An Essay in Historical Anthropology in 2012.