Jacques Rancière

Jacques Rancière is a profoundly original French philosopher whose intellectual stock has risen considerably in recent years. Originally gaining prominence in the late 1960s as the co-author, with leading Marxist thinker Louis Althusser, of the influential book Reading Capital, Rancière broke with his mentor over the May '68 student riots and set about charting his own philosophical course. His work on aesthetics, literature and equality has been part of an innovative and exciting philosophical project that emphasises spontaneity, attacks the traditional foundations of the western pedagogical tradition, and infuriates both traditional Marxists and bourgeois academics alike. This restless, contrary spirit has set him apart as one of the most interesting Marxists thinkers of the past thirty years and shines through in his many works published with Polity, such as Aesthetics and Its Discontents, The Politics of Literature, The Aesthetic Unconscious, Figures in History and The Edges of Fiction.