Juliet Mitchell

Juliet Mitchell is a leading British feminist scholar whose work on the relation between feminism and psychoanalysis was pioneering. After a long period at the University of Cambridge, she left in 2010 to become Director of the Expanded Doctoral School in Psychoanalytic Studies at University College London. She came to prominence in the 1970s with her book Psychoanalysis and Feminism, which attempted to move beyond the male chauvinism of Freud’s own work to show how the critical resources of psychoanalysis, particularly interpreted through a Lacanian lens, could be used, in conjunction with Marxist ideas, against the patriarchy itself. This work was hugely influential and enormously important in building bridges between psychoanalysis and feminism. More recently she has sought to develop a new psychoanalytic paradigm by moving beyond the emphasis on parental relationships, focusing instead on relations between sisters and brothers. This is the major subject of her Polity book Siblings.