Klaus Theweleit

Klaus Theweleit is a highly original German sociologist whose work on male violence, proto-fascism and misogyny has won widespread acclaim. He held posts at the University of Freiburg and the Berlin Film Academy before taking up his position as Professor for Art and Theory at Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design in 1998. Combining a broad interdisciplinary scope that incorporates literary and cultural theory, history and sociology, he is perhaps best known for his two-volume Polity work Male Fantasies, a brilliant and profoundly disturbing analysis of the fantasies that preoccupied officers of the German Freikorps in the aftermath of the First World War. His study showed that the masculine identity of the officers was shaped by their dread of women and that this dread was linked to their aggressive racism and anti-communism, an analysis that has been enormously influential in the study of masculinity and gender.