Lynne Segal

Lynne Segal is an Australian-born gender theorist who has played a key role in debates surrounding feminism, sexuality and psychology. She came to Britain in 1970, where she has been an important figure in socialist and feminist political activism in addition to her academic work. Currently Anniversary Professor of Psychology & Gender Studies at Birkbeck, University of London, in her early work she focused on the basis of feminist thought, its relation to socialism, and psychoanalysis. Perhaps her most influential book was Straight Sex: The Politics of Pleasure, which challenged the assumption among many feminists that the primary problem was male violence and that feminism was best structured around an emphasis on sexual difference. Her work has been underpinned by a desire to comprehend the ambiguity and variety of male and female experiences of sexuality and oppose the idea that heterosexuality is necessarily regressive. Polity has published her Why Feminism? Gender, Psychology, Politics.