Markus Gabriel

Markus Gabriel is a rising star of German philosophy with a gift both for lucid popular exposition and for innovative technical work in fields such as epistemology and metaphysics. He is the Chair for Epistemology, Modern and Contemporary Philosophy and Director of the International Centre for Philosophy at the University of Bonn. After early work on Schelling and German Idealism, he has published innovative books on scepticism and the nature of knowledge, developing a ‘new realist’ position that challenges both advocates of ‘absolute knowledge’ and the proponents of ‘Object-Oriented Ontology’. He has attracted perhaps most attention for his engaging work of popular philosophy Why the World Does Not Exist, a dazzling thought experiment questioning our most basic epistemological assumptions, which was a bestseller in Germany before being translated into English by Polity in 2015. Other work published by Polity includes I am Not a Brain: Philosophy of Mind for the 21st Century, Neo-Existentialism and The Limits of Epistemology.