Primo Levi

Primo Levi has gained a poignant and melancholy distinction as one of the most truthful and eloquent first-hand chroniclers of the Holocaust. Raised in an Italian-Jewish family and by profession a chemist, in 1944 Levi was transported to Auschwitz and survived the horror for 11 months. If This Is a Man is perhaps the greatest account of the twentieth century's most barbaric event, in which he threads a painfully honest narrative of his time in the death camp with meditations on morality, endurance and the human spirit. After the war, he authored numerous essays, stories, poems and memoirs, which represent a powerful historical testimony to the nature of evil and human suffering. Polity has published a collection of his interviews, entitled Voice of Memory, as well as a collection of his writings on the Holocaust, The Black Hole of Auschwitz, and Thus Was Auschwitz.