Richard J. Bernstein

Richard J. Bernstein’s intellectual breath and interpretative generosity has made him one of America’s most well-respected philosophers. Currently Vera List Professor of Philosophy at the New School for Social Research, Bernstein has played a pivotal role in mediating between European continental philosophy, Anglo-American analytical philosophy and the American Pragmatic tradition. Influenced strongly by the work of John Dewey, he has united the emphasis of American Pragmatism on engaged pluralism and fallibilism with a keen appreciation of ancient ideas of philosophy as a practical discipline concerned with ‘how to live’. This has led him to seek common ground between philosophers often held to be fundamentally at odds, ranging from Putnam and Derrida to Gadamer and Habermas. The fruits of this method of polymathic synthesis have been influential in fields ranging from epistemology to moral and political philosophy. Bernstein has published many works with Polity, including The New Constellation, The Abuse of Evil, The Pragmatic Turn, Violence and Ironic Life.