Roberto Esposito

Roberto Esposito is one of the leading philosophers in Italy today. Currently Professor of Theoretical Philosophy at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, Esposito is at the heart of the surge of interest in contemporary Italian political and social thinking, what he calls ‘Italian Theory’. He has written bold and path-breaking works developing the Foucauldian notion of biopolitics and calling into question the very notion of ‘personhood’ and its centrality to Western thinking about ethics and politics. He is also a distinguished figure in the study of the history of political and legal thought, using his considerable skill and erudition to illustrate the relevance of the intellectual and conceptual history of both the ancient and modern world to our contemporary ideas about community, rights and the law. Polity has published a number of his most important works, including Immunitas, Persons and Things, and Politics and Negation.