Siegfried Kracauer

Siegfried Kracauer was a sociologist and cultural critic closely associated with the Frankfurt School whose work is now recognized as a crucial contribution to our understanding of modernity. He made his reputation with his journalism for the German newspaper Frankfurter Zeitung, while befriending figures such as Adorno, Benjamin and Bloch, before being forced to flee Nazism in 1933. He emigrated to the USA, where he became Director of Research in Applied Social Sciences at Columbia University. His work was characterized by astonishing intellectual diversity, including studies of subjects ranging from office workers to slapstick clowns, from political refugees to dancing girls. He is best known for his writings on film, and in particular his contributions to the formation of realist film theory, but he also contributed to fields such as architecture, cultural theory and urban studies. Polity is the publisher of his volume of correspondence with Adorno, Correspondence 1923–1966.