Steven Rose

Steven Rose is a highly respected neuroscientist and co-founder of the British Neuroscience Association who, in addition to his scientific research, has written widely on the social and political implications of contemporary advances in his field. He is now Emeritus Professor at the Open University, where for many years he was a Professor of Biology and Director of the Brain and Behaviour Research Group. His scientific work concentrated on the neurobiology of memory and education, and he pioneered study into the causes and possible cure of Alzheimer’s disease. More recently, he has examined the wider social implications of advances in neurobiology and neuroscience, puncturing the over-inflated promises of rapid medical advance made on behalf of genetics and other biosciences and critically examining the commodification of the human body to which these trends have given rise. These are concerns taken up in his Polity book Can Neuroscience Change Our Minds?, co-authored with his wife, Hilary Rose.