Tariq Modood

Tariq Modood is a British-Pakistani sociologist who is widely recognized as a leading authority on multiculturalism and the status of ethnic and religious minorities. Professor of Sociology, Politics and Public Policy at the University of Bristol since 1997, in his research he has broached issues ranging from the systematic disadvantages facing Muslims and other minorities in both higher education and the labour market to secularism and the concept of 'ethnic capital'. His critique of the illiberalism of what he calls ‘radical secularism’ and his development of a civic theory of multiculturalism that emphasizes the need for a nuanced approach that shares the task of integration between the state and civil society have cemented his reputation as a humane and eloquent defender of multiculturalism. Combining a normative political perspective with a rigorous sociological method, his work is central to contemporary British debates. Polity has published his important book Multiculturalism.