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In the troubling times ahead it will be worth remembering the difference between loneliness and solitude. Though many of us will have to make the difficult decision to be physically isolated from our loved ones, there is no need for us to be socially isolated too. Google Chrome have even … Read More

By Alana Lentin

The dominant approach to race after the Holocaust, particularly for most of the European states that positioned themselves as anti-fascist, has been to treat it as a taboo topic. However, brushing race under the carpet and failing to systematically study the ways in which it has been … Read More

By Colin Samson

The title of my new book may seem perplexing. Human rights are widely associated with life affirming social benefits and freedoms. They are said to be enjoyed in democracies, and indeed human rights are often how liberal governments distinguish themselves from autocracies. From the franchise to impartial … Read More

By Aviezer Tucker

The failures of populist leaders in the United States, Brazil, and the United Kingdom to control the outbreak of the COVID 19 plague stand out against successes of some Western European countries in reducing infection, hospitalization and death rates.  Populists waited for too long before they closed … Read More

By Anthony Elliott

The story of artificial intelligence has been largely centered on intelligent machines destroying our jobs and working identities, but, as I argue in a new edition of Concepts of the Self, it is revealing how it is also transforming our personal lives and our deepest sense … Read More

By Kerry Brown

A lot of commentary about China today, particularly as a result of the prominence the country has because of its economy, and its role in global affairs from the environment to public health (witness the COVID19 pandemic), often makes the country seem as though it has arrived … Read More

By David Elliott

The lockdowns around the world imposed in response to Covid-19 led to reduced energy use and carbon emissions, and also to cleaner air. Now we have seen how life looks with fewer planes, cars and less pollution, some are hopeful that we won’t want to revert … Read More

By Michael J. Bradshaw and Tim Boersma

Our book on Natural Gas was in the final stages of production just as the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic was becoming clear. We were able to include a short postscript presenting our initial thoughts on its impact on natural gas markets. Now, … Read More

By Richard Johnson

Many Americans take for granted that the history of their country’s development follows a linear progression of expanding rights towards a ‘more perfect Union’. Each generation, it is assumed, will be better off, more inclusive, and more tolerant than the one before it. Daron Acemoglu and James … Read More

By John R. Hall

One hundred years ago, on June 14th, Max Weber, then 56, died of pneumonia, possibly a victim of the “Spanish flu.” Little more than a year earlier he’d given his “Politics as a vocation” lecture (Hall 2019). As Marianne Weber recounted, in … Read More

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