Polity blog posts highlight new and recent books published by us, often with the comments and views of the authors themselves.

Q: I’ll start by asking you just what you mean by Critical Humanism?

KP: The words human, humanity and humanism are used in many ways, they are contested ideas. In the West they have come to mean a rather special view of Enlightenment, rational and progressive secular thinking. I see … Read More

By Celine-Marie Pascale

In 2017 I began a journey to understand the experiences of people living and working in low-income communities. I’ve spent my entire life crossing class boundaries, threading a circuitous path out of poverty and eventually into a full professorship. As a sociologist, and as a person who has … Read More

The Critical South series publishes the work of major thinkers and key emerging intellectuals from the Global South or other key figures whose interventions complicate the North-South divide, making a timely and much-needed intervention in the annals and contemporary debates about the future of critical thought. Co-edited by Natalia Brizuela … Read More

by David Theo Goldberg

In 2016 many were waking each day to a palpable sense of anxiety. Some characterized this apocalyptically as an abiding feeling of doom. For others, though, it just felt like carrying around a weight they had no way to cast off. The rise of authoritarianism in … Read More

By Rupert Read.

Whereas there was a period at the start of the year where some ‘climate experts’ were criticising some of us for discussing how to prepare for or soften potential societal breakdown due to environmental strains, the return of rapid rises in carbon emissions after last year’s Covid … Read More

Pride events might not be running as usual this year, but that’s not the only way to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community. Here is a list of our recommended reading list this Pride.

1. Trans America by Barry Reay

Barry Reay explores the history of trans people in America: rich in
Read More

By Diane Perrons

Austerity seemed to end in 2020 as governments around the world spent unprecedented amounts of public money to address the Covid-19 pandemic. So why ask now whether austerity is gendered?

There are three key reasons. First, the cuts in health and social services during the preceding era … Read More

By Stuart Elden

Foucault published the book best-known by the title History of Madness in 1961. It was his principal doctoral thesis, but the requirements for this were substantially greater than those of a modern PhD. As well as History of Madness, which stretched to almost 700 pages in … Read More

By Kengo Miyazono & Lisa Bortolotti

Research in the philosophy of psychology is expanding rapidly and the range of topics has also been increasing in recent years. We find it useful to divide research in the philosophy of psychology into two sub-areas: ‘foundational’ and ‘implicational’ philosophy of psychology.

Foundational research … Read More

The first edition of Introducing Anthropology was an exciting opportunity to bring the study of what makes us human to a wider audience. Much of the book’s success lies in its rich ethnographic evidence, suggested reading and related films along with interviews with anthropologists in the field.  These are designed … Read More

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