Predatory GlobalizationA Critique
Predatory Globalization
A Critique
Trends towards economic globalization are changing the world in fundamental respects.
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  • October 1999
  • 232 pages
  • 153 x 230 mm / 6 x 9 in
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  • 9780745609362
Table of Contents

Part I. Diagnosing the Challenge:.

1. Democratizing, Internationalizing, and Globalizing: A Collage of Blurred Images.

2. Co-opting the Sovereign State.

3. On the Political Economy of World Order.

4. A Regional Approach to World Order.

Part II: Substantive Dimensions:.

5. The Illegitimacy of the Non-Proliferation Regime.

6. The Quest for Human Rights.

7. The Outlook for UN Reform: Necessary but Impossible.

Part III: New Directions:.

8. Resisting "Globalization-from-Above" through "Globalization-from-Below".

9. Global Civil Society: Perspectives, Initiatives, Movements.

10. Recasting Citizenship.

11. Toward Normative Renewal.



About the Author
Richard Falk is Albert G. Milbank Professor of International Law and Practice at Princeton University.
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'This beautifully written book, drawing on a rich experience of scholarship and engagement, offers us a new language with which to comprehend the uncharted terrain of the contemporary world. Terms like "predatory globalization" or "normative democracy" among others brilliantly encapsulate some of the key issues of our time - the current ways of human suffering as well as the new hopes for human emancipation.' Mary Kaldor, Global Civil Society Programme, London School of Economics

'Falk's Predatory Globalization is a most insightful turn-of-the-century intellectual contribution. It defines clearly the humane underpinnings of a vibrant world community that allows and encourages much needed ideological mobility and cross-fertilization. Anticipating the 21st century trends, Falk proves once again he is at the vanguard of raising our collective consciousness.' Clovis Maksoud, Director, Center for the Global South, American University

This is a very well written and refreshing text focusing on a realistic analysis of the most pressing issues, and the focus on normative aspects of international relations theory away from a world of pretence realism is very much welcome.' The Ethics Conflict Research Digest

'A welcome contribution to the voluminous literature on globalization.' The Journal of Politics

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