Foucault and FeminismPower, Gender and the Self
Foucault and Feminism
Power, Gender and the Self
This book offers a systematic attempt to explore the point of convergance between feminist theory and the work of Michel Foucault.
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  • November 1992
  • 224 pages
  • 155 x 229 mm / 6 x 9 in
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  • Paperback $26.00
  • 9780745609393
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  • 9780745667836
Table of Contents

1. Power, Body and Experience.

2. From the Body to the Self.

3. Ethics of the Self.

4. The Problem of Justification.

5. Self and Others.



About the Author

Lois McNay is the author of Foucault and Feminism: Power, Gender and the Self, published by Wiley.

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'Thought-provoking account.' Times Higher Education Supplement

'Lois McNay has produced an attractively clear and critical account of how feminists might use Foucault's last works.' Sociology

'It offers a clearly written and thorough, critical survey of Foucault's last publications. This, in turn, is balanced by a wide-ranging and equally critically review of recent developments within contemporary feminist ethical theory. It is well worth the read!!' Women's Philosophy Review

'This is an excellent book, lucid, carefully argued, sympathetically critical and a great pleasure to read.' Jeffrey Weeks, South Bank University

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