Ecological Politics in an Age of Risk
Ecological Politics in an Age of Risk
Translated by Amos Weisz
<i>Ecological Politics</i> in and Age of Risk by Ulrich Beck is an original analysis of ecological politics as one part of a renewed engagement with the domain of sub-politics.
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  • August 1995
  • 224 pages
  • 153 x 229 mm / 6 x 9 in
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Table of Contents
Translator's Note.


Introduction: The Immortality of Industrial Society and the Contents of the Book.

Part I: Dead Ends.

1. Barbarism Modernised: The Eugenic Age.

2. The Naturalistic Misunderstanding of the Ecological Movement: Environmental Critique as Social Critique.

3. Industrial Fatalism: Organised Irresponsibility.

Part II: Antidotes.

4. The Self-Refutation of Bureaucracy: The Victory of Industralism over Itself.

5. Implementation as Abolition of Technocracy: The Logic of Relativistic Science.

6. The "Poisoned Cake": Capital and Labour in Risk Society.

7. Conflicts over Progress: The Technocratic Challenge to Democracy.




About the Author
Ulrich Beck is Professor of Sociology at the University of Munich.
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"This is an extremely complex debate written by a leading German sociologist. The issues are thought-provoking...those who take their debate on the theory of society should find this book fascinating." (TEG News)

" is likely to appeal to social scientists with a broad range of specialisms, and is novel in the connections it makes between seemingly disparate issues.... Beck's prose can be almost poetic in places, his passion about his subject is inspiring and his work indicates many directions for future research. Ecological Politics in an Age of Risk is a challenging and enjoyable book which deserves to be read widely." (British Journal of Sociology)

"An interesting book offering a stimulating argument." (Political Studies)

"A "must-read" for those interested in national or international environmental isues, specifically hazardous waste management." (Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management)

"Stimulating and provocative." (Environmental Values)

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