The Third WayThe Renewal of Social Democracy
The Third Way
The Renewal of Social Democracy
The idea of finding a 'third way' in politics has been widely discussed over recent months - not only in the UK, but in the US, Continental Europe and Latin America. But what is the third way? Supporters of the notion haven't been able to agree, and critics deny the possibility altogether. Anthony Giddens shows that developing a third way is not only a possibility but a necessity in modern politics.
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  • January 1999
  • 176 pages
  • 138 x 217 mm / 5 x 9 in
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Table of Contents

1. Socialism and After.

The death of socialism.

Old-style social democracy.

The neoliberal outlook.

The doctrines compared.

The recent debates.

Structures of political support.

The fate of social democracy.

2. Five Dilemmas. .

Globalisation. Individualism.

Left and right.

Political agency.

Ecological issues.

Third way politics.

3. State and Civil Society.

Democratising democracy.

The question of civil society.

Crime and community.

The democratic family.

4. The Social Investment State. .

The meaning of equality.

Inclusion and exclusion.

A society of positive welfare.

Social investment strategies.

5. Into the Global Age.

The cosmopolitan nation.

Cultural pluralism.

Cosmopolitan democracy.

The European Union.

Market fundamentalism on a world scale.

Conclusion. .



About the Author

Anthony Giddens is a British sociologist who is known for his theory of structuration and his holistic view of modern societies.

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"How can democracies gain the benefits that flow from market forceswhile pursuing a community that cares for those who fall behind?Anyone interested in fresh approaches to such questions will haveto read Tony Giddens's new book. It is a feast of fresh ideas."Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Dean of the John F. Kennedy School ofGovernment, Harvard University

"Tony Giddens, allegedly Tony Blair's favourite intellectual,has done what many considered impossible: he has constructed acoherent and persuasive definition of the third way. Butimportantly he has pulled it off, insisting that rather than beingbeyond left and right, it is part of the left, the renewal ofsocial democracy. This book could be decisive in persuading theBlairites that they must look to the left rather than the right fortheir political future. It is an important and potentially verysignificant political intervention." Will Hutton,Editor-in-Chief, the Observer

"Tony Giddens has made the most significant contribution yet tolaying the intellectual foundations of a modernized centre-leftposition. This book will be a landmark. It is a pioneering work ofvital interest to the formation of political thinking on both sidesof the Atlantic." Ian Hargreaves, formerly Editor of NewStatesman and The Independent

"This is an important book that deserves to be taken seriously... the author puts forward an intellectual defence of Tony Blair'spolitics which is engaging, comprehensive and open. It has a punchystyle, and is written with a breathless excitement which makes iteasy to read. The Third Way is a major contribution." TheStakeholder

"A worthwhile and stimulating read." Earth Matters

"Anthony Giddens has earned a considerable reputation amongsocial scientists over the past three decades as a theorist. Thoughimportant within the academy, such reputations have a limitedcachet in the world at large. Recently, though, Giddens hasattained bona fide celebrity, or at least demicelebrity, statusoutside the cloisters, in his related roles as director of theLondon School of Economics and intellectual darling of BritishPrime Minister Tony Blair's New Labour party. His name by now mustbe a household word in his native Britain, given the frequency withwhich he is mentioned in the media there. On this side of theAtlantic as well, he has been interviewed, cited as expert, and hisideas variously praised and panned in a wide variety ofnon-academic, even mainstream media." Christopher J. Richter,Communication Theory Book Review

"Giddens has constructed a coherent and persuasive 'intergratedpolitical programme'" Harish Kapur, WorldAffairs

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