The Masculinities Reader
The Masculinities Reader

<i>The Masculinities Reader</i> provides a clear and comprehensive introduction to the key debates informing the study of masculinity. Structured in an accessible format, the book makes available in a single text some of the most important work on a range of subjects including male power; patriarchy; management and organizations; sexualities; gay friendships; sport; intimacy; identity; hegemonic masculinity; violence; schooling; language; homophobia; Black, Latino and Chicano masculinities; families; media; postmodernism; and subjectivity.

The book opens with a substantive introductory chapter that looks at masculinity in crisis, post-feminism, men's power, changing men, nature/nurture debates and concepts of identity. Recognizing the global dimensions of gender change, the book draws on research from many corners of the world. <i>The Masculinities Reader</i> is an essential text for students and researchers concerned with exploring men and masculinities. In providing a unique overview of an increasingly important field of sociological enquiry, this book will be an invaluable addition to students and academics in sociology, gender studies, cultural studies, and a range of other disciplines.

Contributors include: Arthur Brittan, David Collinson, Bob Connell, Ralph Donald, David Gutterman, Jeff Hearn, Deborah Kerfoot, Scott Kiesling, Michael Kimmel, John MacInnes Richard Majors, Michael Messner, Alfredo Mirande, David Morgan, Peter Nardi and Lynne Segal.

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  • January 2002 (hb)
    December 2001 (pb)
  • 400 pages
  • 160 x 237 mm / 6 x 9 in
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Table of Contents

Publisher's Note.

The Sociology of Masculinity: Stephen Whitehead and Frank Barrett.

Part I: Defining and Locating Masculinities:.


1. The Social Organisation of Masculinity: Bob Connell.

2. Masculinities: Arthur Brittan.

3. Postmodernism and the Interrogation of Masculinity: David S. Gutterman..

Part II: Power, Oppression and Dominance:.


4. The Organizational Construction of Hegemonic Masculinity: The Case of the U.S. Navy: Frank Barrett.

5. The Belly of the Beast: Sex as Male Domination: Lynne Segal.

6. Power and the Language of Men: Scott Fabius Kiesling.

7. Violence, Rape, and Sexual Coercion: everyday love in a South African township: Katherine Wood and Rachel Jewkes.

Part III: Masculinities in the Public Domain:.


8. Naming Men as Men: implications for Work, Organization and Management: David Collinson and Jeff Hearn.

9. Masculinity and and Machismo in Hollywood's War Films: Ralph R. Donald.

10. Masculinity, School, and Self in Sweden and the Netherlands: Alan Segal.

11. Cool Pose: Black Masculinity and Sports: Richard Majors.

Part IV: The Private Lives of Men:.


12. Family, Gender and Masculinities: David H.J. Morgan.

13. The Organization of Intimacy: managerialism, masculinity and the masculine subject: Deborah Kerfoot.

14. Friendship, Intimacy and Sexuality: Michael A. Messner.

15. Masculinity as Homophobia: Fear, Shame and Silence in the Construction of Gender Identity: Michael S. Kimmel.

16. "A Vicarious Sense of Belonging" The Politics of Friendship and Gay Social Movements, Communities, and Neighbourhoods: Peter M. Nardi.

Part V: Endings and Beginnings: The Practices and Politics of Changing Men:.


17. The Crisis of Masculinity and the Politics of Identity: John MacInnes.

18. ‘Crabs in a bucket': reforming male identities in Trinidad: Niels Sampath.

19. "And Ar'n't I a Man?": Toward a Chicano/Latino Men's Studies: Alfredo Mirande.

20. Man - The Invisible Gendered Subject?: Stephen Whitehead.

21. Masculinity Politics on a World Scale: R. W. Connell.


About the Author
Stephen M. Whitehead is Lecturer in Education Studies at the University of Keele, and Frank J. Barrett is Associate Professor of Management and Organizational Behavior in the Graduate School of Business and Public Policy at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.
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'Stephen Whitehead and Frank Barrett have put together an excellent collection of contemporary research, theory and debate about men, masculinities, and men's place in the gender order. Everyone who studies these questions, or who is taking action on practical issues that involve problems about masculinity (as many contemporary issues do), will find this book a great resource.'

R.W Connell (author of The Men and the Boys, Gender and Power and Masculinities)

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