A History of the DevilFrom the Middle Ages to the Present
A History of the Devil
From the Middle Ages to the Present
This highly original and engaging book by French historian Robert Muchembled, is a journey through time and space in search of the changing perception and significance of the devil in Western culture.

  • An outstanding book about the changing perception and significance of the devil in Western culture.
  • Robert Muchembled is a well-known historian and an expert on witchcraft, whose work has already been translated into many languages.
  • The author highlights the way that the changing notion of evil is connected to other changes in society at large.
  • Draws on a wealth of examples, from the witch-hunts of the 15th and 16th centuries, to the films of Stanley Kubrick.
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  • January 2004
  • 360 pages
  • 158 x 237 mm / 6 x 9 in
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  • 9780745628158
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Table of Contents

Introduction: A Thousand Years Of The Devil.

1. Satan Makes His Entry (Twelfth To Fifteenth Centuries):.

Satan And The Myth Of Primordial Combat.

Good And Bad Devils.

Instilling Fear: The Diabolic Obsession At The End Of The Middle Ages.

The Evil One And The Beast.

2. The Night Of The Sabbath:.


From Waldensians To Witches.

A Hammer To Crush The Witches.

Satanic Nudity.

The Triumph Of Demon-Mania.

The Mark Of The Devil.

3. The Devil In The Body:.

The Magical Body.

The Female Body.

Monsters And Marvels.

The Hell Of Sex.

Towards A History Of The Senses: The Promotion Of Sight.

Towards A History Of The Senses: The Demonising Of Smell.

4. Satanic Literature And Tragic Culture (1550-1650):.

The Fear Of Oneself.

Devil Books In Protestant Germany.

The Tragic Culture In France.

Rosset, The Devil And The Rotting Corpse.

Jean-Pierre Camus, Or The Spectacle Of Horror.

Bloody Tales: The Devil In The News.

The Baroque And Transgression.

5. The Twilight Of The Devil, From Classicism To Romanticism:.

Satan’s Final Apotheosis.

The Fragmented Images Of Evil.

A Disenchanted Devil.

The Symbolic Transition: From Satan To Mephistopheles.

The Contribution Of Fiction.

Beelzebub In Love.

6. The Demon Within (Nineteenth And Twentieth Centuries):.

Doctrinal Permanencies.

Having Fun With The Devil: The Gothic Novel And The Frénétiques.

The Rebel Angel Of The Satanists.

The Children Of The Devil.

The Diabolic Unconscious.

Taming The Shadows.

A Paper Devil?.

7. Pleasure Or Terror. The Devil At The End Of The Second Millennium:.

The Devil, Probably Prudent Exorcism.

“Devilish Good”: Advertising, Beer And The Strip Cartoon.

The Expressionist Devil: From The Golem To Dies Irae.

The Film Noir: Horror, Suspense And Perversion.

America’s Demons.

Conclusion. Dancing With The Devil.

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About the Author
Robert Muchembled is a professor of history at the University of Paris XIII.
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"Only on one level a history of the Devil; on a deeper level it is a history of the shifting and fluctuating status the Devil has occupied in Western culture ... a valuable book, once one has recognized its unusual intentions."

Richard Kieckhefer, Magic, Ritual, and Witchcraft

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