The New Mandarins of American PowerThe Bush Administration's Plans for the World
The New Mandarins of American Power
The Bush Administration's Plans for the World
In this timely book, Alex Callinicos explores the real meaning of the Bush Doctrine. He deconstructs the rhetorical justifications of the ‘war on terrorism’ and analyses the strategy of the Republican neoconservatives who now dominate American foreign policy.

  • A controversial and provocative view on an extremely timely and important topic.
  • Examines the neo-conservative foreign policies of the Bush administration and the "Project for the New American Century".
  • Highly topical
  • Builds on the success of Callinicos’ previous book with us – <i>An Anti-Capitalist Manifesto.</i>
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  • December 2003
  • 176 pages
  • 145 x 224 mm / 6 x 9 in
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  • Hardback $72.75
  • 9780745632742
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  • 9780745632759
Table of Contents
Prologue: At War Between the Two Rivers.

1. The Rhetoric of Conquest:.

Between Good and Evil.


Rogue states and the axis of evil.

Weapons of mass destruction.


Liberal Alibis.

2. The Cultists of Eternal War:.

The Bush Doctrine.

Bush II: the Republican right take the helm.

Chronicle of a war foretold.

3. The Grand Strategy of the American Empire:.

American strategy after the Cold War.

Exploiting America’s military edge.

America versus Europe.

4. The Geopolitics of Oil:.

Remaking the Middle East.

Blood and oil.

5. Collision of Empires:.

Imperialism and Empire.

The peculiarities of American imperialism.

A return to inter-imperialist rivalries.

Catastrophe immanent.

Epilogue Nemesis, the Daughter of Justice

About the Author
Alex Callinicos is Professorof Politics at the University of York.
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"Essential reading for those who have fought against war over the past two years and who see it as the defining issue of our age."

Socialist Review

"This contemporary history by the UK's leading orthodox Marxist intellectual provides a satisfying narrative of the neo-conservative ascendance that enabled the second Iraq war ... New Mandarins of American Power is engaging, accessible and incisive."

Thomas Daniels, Red Pepper

"Deeply informed, balanced, and full of insights, this perceptive inquiry explores the rational basis for the aggressive unilateralism of the Bush administration that has frightened much of the world, arguing plausibly that it" is based on a largely accurate reading of the long-term economic and geopolitical threats facing US capitalism". It more than fulfills its goal of contributing to 'an understanding of the strange and frightening world' that is taking shape."

Noam Chomsky

"Of all those seeking to make sense of rampant American power, Alex Callinicos succeeds, outstandingly with his razor-sharp analysis and eloquent warning to us all."

John Pilger

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