Evidence and Knowledge for Practice
Evidence and Knowledge for Practice
Evidence and knowledge are fundamental in professional practice. A key skill for social workers is understanding how to use the range of sources available. Being able to explain the evidence underpinning decisions and the knowledge base of professional interventions is not just good practice: it's essential in partnership working and in acting accountably.

This innovative book recognizes and builds on the complex nature of social work practice. It challenges the view that there is one best form of knowledge which applies equally to all aspects of practice. Tony Evans and Mark Hardy outline key debates and put forward approaches to evidence and knowledge that encourage readers to use a range of different forms of knowledge to inform and develop their professional practice. This helpful book also supports reflection and learning by including case studies, activities and tasks alongside the main text.

<i>Evidence and Knowledge for Practice</i> is essential reading for social work students, qualified social workers and other readers with an interest in social work practice.
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  • May 2010 (hb)
    April 2010 (pb)
  • 180 pages
  • 158 x 239 mm / 6 x 9 in
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Knowledge: Philosophy, Theory and Practice.

Chapter 2: Intervention: Does it Work? Research, Evidence and Evidence-based Practice.

Chapter 3: Service Users: Justice and Power?

Chapter 4: Research Knowledge.

Chapter 5: Understanding Policy Frameworks.

Chapter 6: Practitioner Knowledge.

Chapter 7: The Agency: Shaping a Learning Organization (Ian Shaw).

Chapter 8: Evaluating in Practice (Ian Shaw).



About the Author
Tony Evans is Associate Professor of Social Work at the University of Warwick
Mark Hardy is Lecturer in Social Work at the University of York
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'This is a refreshing book from so many angles. I find it engaging as well as sophisticated in its coverage of ideas and issues crucial to the average practitioner. It introduces a broad spread of theories and perspectives in an accessible and meaningful way.'
Jan Fook, Royal Holloway University of London

'While notions of evidence-based practice and the importance of research mindedness have moved to the centre of policy, education and practice in social work, the literature available to help make sense of and implement these ideas is very limited. Evidence and Knowledge for Practice makes a huge contribution to filling that gap. It succeeds in being intellectually rigorous yet accessible and is an invaluable guide to students, lecturers, policy-makers and practitioners on how to understand and use evidence and knowledge in social work.'
Harry Ferguson, University of Nottingham

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