Communicating Emotion at Work
Communicating Emotion at Work
<i>Communicating Emotion at Work</i> chronicles the rich emotional experiences of employees drawn from a broad cross-section of industries and occupations. It takes a decidedly positive approach, recognizing that emotional communication is a vital and creative response to the challenges of life in complex organizations. The text introduces readers to the engaging and cross-disciplinary body of research that has emerged around organizational emotion. At the same time, each chapter is steeped in real-life emotional narratives, concrete examples, and the contemporary trends that are changing the emotional tenor of work.
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  • November 2011
  • 200 pages
  • 154 x 218 mm / 6 x 9 in
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  • 9780745648958
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Table of Contents
List of Figures and Tables.


1 Emotional Connections: Intersections of Communication, Work, and Feeling.

2 Communicating Emotion: Levels of Organization and Forms of Expression.

3 Emotional Occupations.

4 Work Relationships: Getting Emotional with Peers, Supervisors, and Others.

5 Emotion and Organizational Morality.

6 Emotional Trends.


About the Author
Vincent R. Waldron is Professor of Communication Studies at Arizona State University.
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"This book promises to be required reading for students of organizational communication. No one is better suited than Vince Waldron to provide a state-of-the-art explanation of this important set of issues."
Ted Zorn, University of Waikato, New Zealand

"This book offers a rich tapestry of the emotional fabric of organizational life. Drawing on recent research, it situates emotional communication as an essential feature of occupational roles, work relationships, and moral judgment. Its superb examples entice the reader through sharing the joys and traumas of the modern workplace."
Linda L. Putnam, University of California, Santa Barbara

"As someone who has studied and taught about emotions in organizations for many years, I have been consistently disappointed that most books gloss over communication when exploring the issues of work and feelings. Well, I am no longer disappointed! Vince Waldron's book Communicating Emotion at Work presents a thoughtful and meaningful treatment of how emotions, communication, and work intersect to complicate work life in recognized and unrecognized ways. Waldron also goes beyond looking solely at individual-level communication by exploring the organizational, societal, and global factors impacting communication and emotion in organizations. If you're a serious scholar of emotions and communication at work, this book is a key resource you must have on your shelf. Bravo!"
Professor Pam Lutgen-Sandvik, University of New Mexico, USA

"A thorough and thoroughly engaging read, Communicating Emotion at Work provides an up-to-date overview of the complex role of emotion in the workplace. The cases and illustrations, along with the author's accessible writing style, make this an ideal book for undergraduate and advanced undergraduate classes. It is also a ‘must have' for practitioners and scholars interested in the topic."
Patricia Sias, Washington State University

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