PaparazziMedia Practices and Celebrity Culture
Media Practices and Celebrity Culture
Paparazzi photography has emerged as a key element in today’s media landscape. This book charts the historical and cultural significance of the industry, profiles its protagonists and discusses how its imagery of celebrity have become a major part of media consumption.

Kim McNamara examines the various ways in which the controversial paparazzi industry is structured, including its workforce practices, development of image markets, and how it has been reconfigured during the transition from analogue paper-based photography to digital platforms. It adds to the literature on celebrity studies, unraveling the importance of the paparazzi to celebrities, and the integral nature of images - both spontaneous and staged to public relations and marketing content.

Based on interviews worldwide with key industry players, including agency managers, photo editors and photographers, from Los Angeles to London, the book argues that the paparazzi should be given central importance in any analysis of media culture.
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  • December 2015
  • 216 pages
  • 155 x 219 mm / 6 x 9 in
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Table of Contents


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1. Paparazzi: A Genealogy

2. Paparazzi and Media Practices

3. Agencies and Image Markets

4. Paparazzi and Celebrity News

5. Paparazzi and Photographic Genres

6. Celebrities, Photography, and Privacy



About the Author

Kim McNamara is an independent media researcher based in Sydney

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"Kim McNamara has written an excellent and most useful book. Drawing on a rich vein of information from her  industry research as well as from the academic literature, McNamaras Paparazzi is indispensable for anyone wanting to properly understand the contemporary production and circulation of celebrity."
Graeme Turner, University of Queensland

"In this fascinating and important study Kim McNamara takes issue with the familiar image of the paparazzi as the invasive hooligans of contemporary journalism. Drawing on first hand research in LA, London and Sydney, she explores the working lives of the paparazzi, the structure of the industry, and the way in which social media are transforming celebrity photography. A fresh, insightful and readable book that has much to teach us about news organisations today - highly recommended."
Rosalind Gill, City University London

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