Power in the 21st CenturyConversations with John Hall
Power in the 21st Century
Conversations with John Hall
Michael Mann is one of the most influential sociologists writing today. His three-volume work The Sources of Social Power, the third volume of which has just been completed, has transformed our way of thinking about power and has rewritten the history of human societies. No one interested in understanding how the modern world was shaped, how we got to where we are today and where we’re likely to be heading, can afford to ignore this modern classic. Michael Mann is, as John Hall aptly describes him, ‘a Max Weber for our times.’

Conducted in the form of an extended dialogue with John Hall, this concise and accessible book is the ideal introduction to the work and thought of one of the most original social scientists in the world today. Students and scholars will find the book invaluable, and general readers will find in this book a clear, insightful and masterful guide to the key challenges we face in the years and decades ahead.
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  • June 2011
  • 180 pages
  • 148 x 224 mm / 6 x 9 in
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Table of Contents
Introduction (John A. Hall).

Part One: Powers in Motion.

Chapter One: Capitalism.

Chapter Two: Militarism.

Chapter Three: Political Power.

Chapter Four: An End to Ideology?

Chapter Five: Patterns, Cages, Interstices and a Dialectic.

Part Two: The Nature of Social Change.

Chapter Six: States, Strong and Weak.

Chapter Seven: Group Agency.

Chapter Eight: Outcomes.

Chapter Nine: Contingencies of Modernity.

Chapter Ten: Our Looming Crisis.


About the Author
Michael Mann is Professor of Sociology at UCLA
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"A very stimulating and thought-provoking book."
Morning Star

"This superb short book deserves the widest readership. A profound understanding of the structures of power in our own age allows Michael Mann, in a brilliant dialogue with John Hall, to offer rich insights into the likely developments of an age that we cannot yet know."
Sir Ian Kershaw, Sheffield University

"Michael Mann has exceeded all of his contemporaries in making sociological sense of Western history, something he has done quite systematically up through the outbreak of the First World War. In these conversations with John A. Hall, he digresses from his nearly completed volume on times since that to cast an insightful gaze on current history, to speculate incisively about the shape of things to come and to draw some major conclusions about history and power."
Alexander Hicks, Emory University

"Wielding his four-dimensional template of power, Mann illuminates the world history of recent times and the foreseeable future. Events become turning points when leading power sources intersect: capitalist crisis with world war in the early 20th century; the stalemate of pluralist politics with ecological crisis in the 21st. Mann displays here in summary strokes the continuing relevance of his grand sociological vision."
Randall Collins, University of Pennsylvania

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