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Social Research
Paradigms in Action

This unique book explains the central role that research paradigms play in the design and conduct of social research. The authors argue that social research should not just describe or confirm a social problem but should seek to find an explanation for it ? and to do so requires research with eyes philosophically wide open.

Important philosophical and practice elements of three widely recognized paradigms ? Neo-Positive, Interpretive and Critical Realist ? are carefully elaborated and their use in action illustrated with detailed examples. The authors show that the philosophical assumptions of a chosen paradigm must match those embedded in a characterization of a research problem and its context. This paradigm orientation is shown to be fundamental to appropriately framing a problem, formulating research questions, deciding on a logic of inquiry and selecting and using methods to investigate it.

Ultimately, an appropriate paradigm orientation to social research provides a dispassionate, rigorous and effective basis for the production of new social scientific knowledge. Following on from Blaikies <i>Approaches to Social Enquiry</i> and <i>Designing Social Research</i>, this innovative book will be invaluable to upper-level and research students, their lecturers and supervisors, and researchers across the social sciences.

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  • February 2017
  • 256 pages
  • 155 x 232 mm / 6 x 9 in
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  • Hardback $72.75
  • 9780745671840
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  • 9781509515400
Table of Contents

1. Fundamental Choices in Social Research

2. Road Maps for Research

3. Principles of Neo-positive Research

4. Two Illustrations of the Neo-positive Research Paradigm in Action

5. Principles of Interpretive Research

6. Two Illustrations of the Interpretive Research Paradigm in Action

7. Principles of Critical Realist Research

8. Two Illustrations of the Critical Realist Research Paradigm in Action

9 Multiple Paradigm Research

10. And Another Thing É

Appendix: Review Questions
About the Author
Norman Blaikie is a former Professor of Sociology at RMIT University, Melbourne, and the University of Science, Malaysia

Jan Priest is a former Adjunct Professor at RMIT University, Melbourne, and Director (performance research and consulting) at InfoServ Pty Ltd in Melbourne
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"Norman Blaikie and Jan Priest have written a first-rate book on methodology and, as with Blaikie’s previous work, it is comprehensive, clear and erudite. It will appeal both to students who want to make sense of social research paradigms and the seasoned methodologist who will find much to inspire and consider." - Malcolm Williams, Cardiff University

"Thoughtful, creative and groundbreaking, Blaikie and Priest have written a text that fills a core gap in many discussions of research. This is the importance of building in, from the outset, the role of explanation as much as description of social processes. A hugely informative read for those new to social research as well as seasoned professionals like myself!" - Christina Hughes, University of Warwick
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