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China and India
Asia's Emergent Great Powers

China and India are becoming increasingly influential, powerful and prominent countries – but what kind of states do their leaders and people wish them to become? Will they act and behave like major Western entities or like something altogether different, hence changing the very nature of international affairs? And as the Asian twenty– first century takes shape, how will these dynamics affect the wider geopolitical landscape and the balance of power?

In this in–depth study, Chris Ogden evaluates the prospective impact of China and India upon the definition and nature of great power in the contemporary world. Whilst many contend that they will rise in a similar way to current and previous great powers – namely via traditional material, economic and military measures – Ogden explores the extent to which domestic political and cultural values as well as historical identities and perceptions are also central driving forces behind their common status, ambitions and worldviews. In so doing, he offers a new and comprehensive analysis of these two countries' past, contemporary and future global significance, in particular their shared status as the world's first such post–imperial great powers.

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  • May 2017
  • 224 pages
  • 155 x 232 mm / 6 x 9 in
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Table of Contents

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Introduction: Great Power and the Rise of China and India

Chapter 1: Domestic Determinants

Chapter 2: Strategic Cultures & Doctrines

Chapter 3: Military Capabilities & Nuclear Affairs

Chapter 4: Economic Drivers

Chapter 5: Peripheral Relations

Chapter 6: Multilateral Interaction

Chapter 7: Engaging with US Hegemony

Conclusions: Evaluation & Future Positioning



About the Author
Chris Ogden is Senior Lecturer in Asian Security at the University of St Andrews
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"Writing with clarity and verve, Ogden demonstrates an extraordinary mastery of the subject. His magisterial analysis makes a unique and invaluable contribution to the field and will be of considerable interest to students and scholars of Asian politics as well as anyone seeking to understand the trajectory of India and China and their impact on the contemporary world."
—Sumit Ganguly, Indiana University

"Chris Ogden provides an indispensable guide to how the re–emergence of China and India will likely transform twenty-first-century international relations. These two states, he rightly argues, are more than just rising economic and military powers, and their distinctive political identities will shape their foreign policy agendas – and their approaches to each other."
—Ian Hall, Griffith University
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