Understanding DisneyThe Manufacture of Fantasy
Understanding Disney
The Manufacture of Fantasy, 2nd Edition
Since the 1930s, the Walt Disney Company has produced characters, images, and stories that have captivated audiences around the world. How can we understand the appeal of Disney products? What is it about the Disney phenomenon that attracts so many children, as well as adults?
In this updated second edition, with new examples provided throughout, Janet Wasko examines the processes by which the Disney company – one of the largest media and entertainment corporations in the world – continues to manufacture the fantasies that enthrall millions. She analyses the historical expansion of the Disney empire into the twenty-first century, examines the content of Disney’s classic and more recent films, cartoons and TV programs and discusses how they are produced, considering how some of the same techniques have been applied to the Disney theme parks. She also discusses the reception (and sometimes reinterpretation) of Disney products by different kinds of audiences. By looking at the Disney phenomenon from a variety of perspectives, she provides an updated and comprehensive overview of one of the most significant media and cultural institutions of our time.
This important book by a leading scholar of the entertainment industries will be of great interest to students in media and cultural studies, as well as a broader readership of Disney fans.
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  • March 2020
  • 316 pages
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Table of Contents
Preface and Acknowledgments

Chapter 1: Introducing the Disney Multiverse
Chapter 2: Disney History(ies)
Chapter 3: The Disney Empire
Chapter 4: Corporate Disney in Action
Chapter 5: Analyzing the World According to Disney
Chapter 6: Dissecting Disney’s Worlds
Chapter 7: Disney and the World
Chapter 8: Living Happily Ever After?

About the Author
Janet Wasko is Professor and Knight Chair in Communication Research at the University of Oregon.
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“This landmark text is the most comprehensive and expansive analysis of the Disney phenomenon. Wasko traces the historical formation of the ‘Disney universe’ and how changes in corporate organization, transformations in product content, extensions to the company’s global footprint, and new expressions of audience activity come together to produce today’s ‘Disney Multiverse.’”
Paul McDonald, King’s College London

Understanding Disney provides a clear and comprehensive account of how Disney’s corporate structure, priorities, and drive for profits shape the company’s media products, theme parks, employment policies, and cultural impact on a global basis. Wasko lays bare the economic dynamics hidden behind ‘the wonderful world of Disney’ in a manner both fair and balanced.”
Eileen Meehan, Southern Illinois University

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