Sociology for AQA Volume 22nd-Year A Level
Sociology for AQA Volume 2
2nd-Year A Level, 3rd Edition
An AQA-approved resource.

<i>Sociology for AQA Volume 2</i> is the new edition of Ken Browne, Jonathan Blundell and Pamela Law's widely used textbook, designed for the second year of AQA's new Sociology A level (for first teaching from September 2015). The book's combination of sociological rigour and accessibility remains one of its hallmarks.

As always, the book matches the AQA specification, using this as a springboard to develop readers' sociological skills and understanding. The third edition includes:
  • up-to-date discussions of a wide range of recent sociological data and debates
  • practice questions on every specification item
  • a dedicated chapter on all the specification 'Topics in Sociology'
  • full-colour photographs, diagrams and cartoons, to bring ideas to life and fire students' imaginations
  • a dedicated website at, with resources for teachers and additional material designed to help students revise or research themes in the book.
Key sociological terms are systematically highlighted throughout the text and are included in a thorough glossary, with thoughtful questions and activities at important points within the chapters to develop and test students' understanding further.

Pitched at the right level for the new AQA Sociology specification, the book provides the tools necessary to help students and encourage them to take their study of Sociology further. Together with the accompanying <i>Sociology for AQA Volume 1</i>, this is an invaluable resource for studying and teaching sociology.
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  • May 2016
  • 640 pages
  • 196 x 260 mm / 8 x 10 in
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  • Paperback $41.50
  • 9780745696942
Table of Contents
Introduction to the 3rd edition
The A level specification
How to use this book
1 Beliefs in Society
2 Global Development
3 The Media
4 Stratification and Differentiation
5 Theory and Methods
6 Crime and Deviance
Illustration credits
About the Author
Ken Browne was a Lecturer in Sociology at North Warwickshire and Hinckley College, UK, before retiring. He is the author of several bestselling texts, including An Introduction to Sociology, 4th edition (Polity 2011: 9780745650081).

Jonathan Blundell is Head of Sociology at Lord Williams’s School, Thame, UK, and an Assistant Principal Examiner for a leading exam board.

Pamela Law was a Lecturer in Sociology at Stockton and Billingham Technical College, UK, before retiring, and was until 2012 a Senior Examiner for a leading exam board.
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"Contemporary and well balanced in meeting the demands of the reader and the specification. Once again the authors have demonstrated how a textbook can be focused whilst still maintaining a breadth and depth of knowledge that allows students to go beyond A level. The definitions, examples and activities are an excellent resource for teachers and students alike."
David Morton, King Edward VI College, BSA Teaching Group Convenor and A level examiner

"Sociological resources that capture the imagination and ignite the minds of young people are few and far between. But this book does both ? brilliantly. With great features, truly accessible text and exemplary exam advice and guidance, this text will make it onto the shelves of all outstanding A level sociology departments."
Gerry Czerniawski, University of East London, A level examiner and National Teaching Fellow
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