The New Scramble for Africa
The New Scramble for Africa, 2nd Edition

Once marginalized in the world economy, Africa today is a major global supplier of crucial raw materials like oil, uranium and coltan. China's part in this story has loomed particularly large in recent years, and the American military footprint on the continent has also expanded. But a new scramble for resources, markets and territory is now taking place in Africa involving not just state, but non state-actors, including Islamic fundamentalist and other rebel groups.

The second edition of Pádraig Carmody's popular book explores the dynamics of the new scramble for African resources, markets, and territory and the impact of current investment and competition on people, the environment, and political and economic development on the continent. Fully revised and updated throughout, its chapters explore old and new economic power interests in Africa; oil, minerals, timber, biofuels, land, food and fisheries; and the nature and impacts of Asian and South African investment in manufacturing and other sectors.

The New Scramble for Africa will be essential reading for students of African studies, international relations and resource politics, as well as anyone interested in current affairs.

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  • September 2016 (hb)
    October 2016 (pb)
  • 326 pages
  • 160 x 232 mm / 6 x 9 in
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Table of Contents


1 The New Scramble, Geography and Development

2 Old Economic Power Interests and Strategies in Africa

3 Chinese Interests and Strategies in Africa [with Ian Taylor]

4 Other New Economic Power Interests and Relations with Africa

5 Driving the Global Economy: West African and Sahelian Oil

6 The Scramble for Land: The Ugandan Case [with David Taylor]

7 Powering and Connecting the Global Economy through Conflict: Uranium and Coltan

8 Furnishing and Feeding the World? Timber, Biofuels, Plants, Food and Fisheries

9 The Asian Scramble for Investment and Markets: Evidence and Impacts in Zambia [with Godfrey Hampwaye]

10 Can Africans Unscramble the Continent?

Conclusion: The New Scramble in Perspective

About the Author
Pádraig Carmody is an Associate Professor in Geography at Trinity College Dublin and a Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of Geography, Environmental Management and Energy at the University of Johannesburg
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"This new scramble for Africa provides an excellent overview of the current development and exploitation of Africas resources showing how African development is defined by the paradox of plenty. This collection is a must for scholars interested in understanding processes of resource grabbing in Africa from colonial times until now, illustrating the variety of forms it has taken and unrevelaing the various root causes."
Annelies Zoomers, Utrecht University

"Follow the money is a key message of Carmodys supercharged analysis of the new competitive scramble for Africas petroleum and minerals, for its timber, even for its food crops. Few have so well exposed the mechanisms and consequences of this avarice, and particularly of Chinas all-encompassing shaping of Africas dynamic future. Carmody is a very reliable guide and his second edition is even more definitive than the first."
Robert I. Rotberg, Harvard University
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