The Israel/Palestine Reader
The Israel/Palestine Reader
Edited by Alan Dowty

Introduction to any complex international conflict is enriched when the voices of the adversaries are heard. <i>The Israel/Palestine Reader</i> is an innovative collection, focused on the human dimension of the ongoing Israeli–Palestinian confrontation. Its vivid and illuminating readings present the voices of the diverse parties through personal testimonies and analyses. Key leaders, literary figures, prominent analysts, and simply close observers of different phases of this protracted conflict are all represented—in their own words.

From Mark Twain to Theodor Herzl, Gamal Abdul Nasser, Golda Meir, Anwar Sadat, Ezer Weizman, Ehud Barak, Marwan Barghouti, Mahmoud Abbas, Benjamin Netanyahu, John Kerry, and dozens of others, the firsthand narratives brought together in this Reader bring the conflict to life as seen by those closest to it. Though structured to complement Alan Dowty's introductory text<i> Israel/Palestine </i>(4th edition, Polity 2017), this Reader also stands on its own as a survey of "voices" in the conflict.  Each of the ten chapters is framed by an editorial introduction that sets the pieces in context. By juxtaposing contrasting viewpoints both between and within the opposed parties, these pieces underline the drama of the conflict, while final judgment is left to the reader. This lively volume will add color and texture to any study of Arab–Israeli issues or of the Middle East generally.

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  • January 2019
  • 304 pages
  • 155 x 232 mm / 6 x 9 in
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  • 9781509527335
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments viii

Preface x

Chapter 1 Two Worlds Collide 1

1 "What Is a Nation?" Ernest Renan 3

2 Innocents Abroad Mark Twain 9

3 "Nu'man al-Qasatli's Travels in Palestine" Abdul-Karim Rafeq 17

Chapter 2 The Jewish Story 20

4 Two Poems by Yehuda Halevi 22

5 The Bilu Manifesto, 1882 24

6 The Jewish State Theodor Herzl 26

7 "On the Slaughter" Chaim Nachman Bialik 31

8 "A Hidden Question" Yitzhak Epstein 33

9 "Open Questions" Nehama Pukhachewsky 39

Chapter 3 The Arab Story 43

10 References to Jews in the Quran 45

11 "On the Franks" Usamah ibn Munqidh 49

12 The Arab Awakening George Antonius 52

13 The Awakening of the Arab Nation Najib Azuri 56

14 "My View of Zionism" Khalil as-Sakakini 59

Chapter 4 The Emergence of Israel 63

15 "The Iron Wall" Vladimir Jabotinsky 65

16 "The Arab Case for Palestine" Hamid Frangieh 69

17 "We Have Our State" Golda Meir 73

18 "Memoirs of the First Palestine War" Gamal Abdul Nasser 76

19 "War Is Inevitable: Why?" Gamal Abdul Nasser 80

20 Central Intelligence Agency, Memorandum, May 26, 1967 84

Chapter 5 The Reemergence of the Palestinians 88

21 "Identity Card" Mahmoud Darwish 90

22 "An Olive Branch and a Gun" Yasir Arafat 92

23 "The Road to Peace" Anwar Sadat 98

24 "The 1978 Negotiations at Camp David" Ezer Weizman 102

25 "The Road to Oslo" Mahmoud Abbas 107

Chapter 6 The First Pass at Peace 111

26 "The Palestinians' Fourteen Demands" Sari Nusseibeh 113

27 "The Oslo Accord" Yossi Beilin 116

28 "The Oslo Accord" Mahmoud Abbas 120

29 "Collapse at Camp David" (Interview with Ehud Barak) Benny Morris 124

30 "Collapse at Camp David" Robert Malley Hussein Agha 128

Chapter 7 The Fourth Stage 132

31 Hamas Covenant (1988) 134

32 "The Second Intifada" (Interview with Marwan Barghouti) Toufic Haddad 138

33 The Intifada: Israel Government White Paper 142

34 Palestine Papers: Olmert's Offer to Abu Mazen 146

35 "My Offer to Abbas" Ehud Olmert 148

36 "Conditions for a Two-State Solution" Benjamin Netanyahu 149

Chapter 8 The Downward Spiral 155

37 "Recognize Palestine as a UN Member State" Mahmoud Abbas 157

38 "Collapse of Kern/Initiative" Martin Indyk 162

39 "2014 Gaza War: Palestinian View" Diana Buttu 168

40 "2014 Gaza War: Israeli View" Benjamin Netanyahu 173

41 "Saving the Two-State Solution" John Kerry 176

Chapter 9 The Impasse that Remains 180

42 "Territorial Issues" Michael Herzog 182

43 "West Bank Settlements: A Palestinian View" Walid Salem 188

44 "West Bank Settlements: An Israeli View" Hillel Halkin 192

45 "The Refugee Issue: A Palestinian View" Rashid Khalidi 197

46 "The Refugee Issue: An Israeli View" Efraim Karsh 201

Chapter 10 The Perfect Conflict 205

47 "The One-State Solution: A Palestinian Version" Ghada Karmi 207

48 "The One-State Solution: An Israeli Version" Naftali Bennett 212

49 "The Two-State Solution" David C. Unger 216

50 "Linking Justice to Peace" Yaacov Bar-Siman-Tov 220

Index 228

About the Author

ALAN DOWTY is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame and Past President of the Association for Israel Studies.

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“While Israel’s relationship with the major Sunni Arab state is improving, its conflict with Palestinians keeps festering. Against this grim backdrop, Alan Dowty has provided us with a rich and balanced reader. It is an indispensable resource for both professionals and lay readers.”
Itamar Rabinovich, President of The Israel Institute

“When most Arabs and Jews, Palestinians and Israelis are separated by physical and psychological borders, power asymmetries, and exclusive national narratives, Alan Dowty brings balance and perspective through a set of 50 key readings from both sides of the divide. A valuable resource. Highly recommended.”
Saliba Sarsar, Monmouth University

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