The Sociology of Children's Rights
The Sociology of Children's Rights

Children’s rights appear universal, inalienable, and indivisible, intended to advance young people’s interests. Yet, in practice, evidence suggests the contrary: the international framework of treaties, procedures, and national policies contains fundamental contradictions that weaken commitments to children’s real-world protections.

Brian Gran helps us understand what is at stake when children’s rights are compromised. This insightful text grounds readers in core theories and key data about children’s legal entitlements. The chapters tackle central questions about what rights accrue to young people, whether they advance equality, and how they influence children’s identities, freedoms, and societal participation. Ultimately, this book shows how current frameworks hinder young people from possessing and benefiting from human rights, arguing that they function as cynical invitations to question whether we truly believe children are endowed with human rights.

<i>The Sociology of Children’s Rights</i> offers a critical and accessible introduction to understanding a complex issue in the contemporary world, and is a compelling read for students and researchers concerned with human rights in sociology, political science, law, social work, and childhood studies.

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  • February 2021
  • 176 pages
  • 150 x 214 mm / 6 x 8 in
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Table of Contents


1 What Are Children's Rights?

2 Institutions and Children's Rights

3 Children's Political Rights

4 Meanings of Children's Rights

5 What Do Children's Rights Do? What Children's
Rights Are Missing?

6 What Is Right with Children's Rights?


About the Author
Brian Gran is a Jefferson Science Fellow and Professor of Sociology, Law, and Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University​.
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“I am a great admirer of Brian Gran's work. He has shown more understanding of children’s rights on an international level than any other professional I have worked with. This book will be a significant contribution to the area of children's rights.”
Margrét María Sigurðardóttir, Ombudsman for Children in Iceland

“A fantastic topic and beautifully written book. With the US withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council and the World Health Organization, books like this one take on special significance. Aren't we fortunate to have Brian Gran who bridges law, political science, sociology, and human rights!”
Judith Blau, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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