Asian America
Asian America, 2nd Edition

Asian Americans are the fastest growing minority population in the country. Moreover, they provide a unique lens on the wider experiences of immigrants and minorities in the United States, both historically and today. Pawan Dhingra and Robyn Magalit Rodriguez’s acclaimed introduction to understanding this diverse group is here updated in a thoroughly revised new edition. Incorporating cutting-edge thinking and discussion of the latest current events, the authors critically examine key topics in the Asian American experience, including education and work, family and culture, media and politics, and social hierarchies of race, gender, and sexuality.

Through vivid examples and clear discussion of a broad range of theories, the authors explore the contributions of Asian American Studies, sociology, psychology, history, and other fields to understanding Asian Americans, and vice versa. The new edition includes further pedagogical elements to help readers apply the core theoretical and analytical frameworks encountered. In addition, the book takes readers beyond the boundaries of the United States to cultivate a comparative understanding of the Asian experience, as it has become increasingly global and diasporic.

This engaging text will continue to be a welcome resource to those looking for a rich and systematic overview of Asian America, as well as for undergraduate and graduate courses on immigration, race, American society, and Asian American Studies.

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  • June 2021
  • 368 pages
  • 171 x 246 mm / 7 x 10 in
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  • Hardback $74.95
  • 9781509534289
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality
Chapter 3 – Arrival and History
Chapter 4 – Identity
Chapter 5 – Belonging and Exclusion
Chapter 6 – Inter-Minority Relations
Chapter 7 – Class and Work Lives
Chapter 8 – Education
Chapter 9 – Family and Intimate Relations
Chapter 10 – Media and Popular Culture
Chapter 11 – Social Movements and Politics
About the Author

Pawan Dhingra is Professor of American Studies and Contributing Faculty to Anthropology/Sociology at Amherst College. 

Robyn Magalit Rodriguez is Professor of Asian American Studies at University of California, Davis.

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