Translated by Robin Mackay
Cryptocurrencies are often associated with right-wing political movements, or even with the alt-right. They are the preserve of libertarians and fans of Ayn Rand and Friedrich Hayek. With their promotion of anonymity and individualism, there’s no doubt that they seamlessly slot into the prevailing anti-State ideology. But in this book Mark Alizart argues that the significance of cryptocurrencies goes well beyond cryptoanarchism. In so far as they allow us ‘to appropriate collectively the means of monetary production’, to paraphrase Marx, and to replace ‘the government of persons by the administration of things’, as Engels advocated, they form the basis for a political regime that begins to look like a communism which has at last come to fruition – a cryptocommunism.
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  • September 2020
  • 135 pages
  • 138 x 216 mm / 5 x 9 in
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  • Hardback $45.00
  • 9781509538577
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Table of Contents
Introduction: The Institution of Liberty
Part One: Government of Men, Administration of Things
1. A State without Statism
2. Cybernetics and Governmentality
3. From Democratic Centralism to Decentralised Consensus
4. Fully Automated Blockchain Communism
Part Two: Collective Appropriation of the Means of Monetary Production
5. Thermocommunism
6. The Monetary Institutions of Capitalism
7. Fool’s Gold
8. Everyone’s a Banker
Part Three: A New International
9. Collectivist Intelligence
10. The Resurrection of Nature
11. Leviathan 2.0
12. Living Currency
Conclusion: Cryptoproletarians of All Countries
About the Author
Mark Alizart is a writer and philosopher who lives in Paris.
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