What is Philosophy of Mind?
What is Philosophy of Mind?

We all have minds, but what exactly is a mind? Is your mind the same thing as your brain? How does what’s happening in your mind cause your behaviour? Can you know what’s going on in other people’s minds? Can you even be sure what’s going on in your own? Are babies conscious? How about cats? Or self-driving cars?

Philosophy of mind grapples with questions like these, exploring who we are and how we fit into the world. In this student-friendly guide, McClelland introduces the key ideas in philosophy of mind, showing why they matter and how philosophers have tried to answer them. He covers the major historical moments in philosophy of mind, from Descartes and his troubles with immaterial souls up to today’s ‘consciousness wars’. Additionally, he examines the implications that philosophy of mind has for psychology, artificial intelligence and even particle physics. McClelland lays out the centuries-long dialogue between philosophy and science, presenting a uniquely grounded, practical picture of the field for students.

Rich with real-world examples and written for the absolute beginner, <i>What is Philosophy of Mind?</i> gives students the tools to delve deeper into this dynamic field of philosophy.

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  • June 2021
  • 144 pages
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Mind and Its Problems

Chapter 2 Descartes’ Dualism

Chapter 3 The Materialist Turn

Chapter 4 Functionalism and the Computer Revolution

Chapter 5 The Problem of Consciousness

Chapter 6 The Mind Today

About the Author
Tom McClelland is Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Cambridge.
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‘Tom McClelland provides a comprehensive and thoroughly informed introduction to the major topics in contemporary philosophy of mind. This lucid and engaging book is a splendid resource for undergraduates and for the interested public.’
Derk Pereboom, Cornell University

‘This is a lucid and fun introduction based on scholarship as deep as it is lightly worn by a leading philosopher of mind. It’s snappy yet packs in everything you need: history plus a compelling take on the state of the art.’
Stephen Butterfill, Warwick University

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