Remaking One NationConservatism in an Age of Crisis
Remaking One Nation
Conservatism in an Age of Crisis
What is going wrong with our politics, and why is it happening?
In this groundbreaking book, Nick Timothy, one of Britain’s leading conservative thinkers and commentators, explores the issues behind the public’s anger with mainstream politics. Drawing on his experience at the top of government, Timothy traces the crisis of western democracy back to flaws in philosophical liberalism. Sparing no sacred cows, he proposes a new kind of conservatism, respecting personal freedom but demanding solidarity, reforming capitalism and rebuilding community, rejecting selfish individualism while embracing our obligations towards others. Only by building a mutual web of duties and a unifying sense of the common good that binds us together can we reject both extreme economic and cultural liberalism, heal our divisions, and remake one nation.
Nick Timothy’s forensic and provocative account of the monumental challenges facing Britain today is a must read for anybody tired of the stale dogmas of liberal left and right. It is a major contribution to the debate on the future of conservatism as it faces a crisis of identity and purpose.
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  • May 2020
  • 224 pages
  • 152 x 229 mm / 6 x 9 in
Available Formats
  • Hardback $25.00
  • 9781509539178
  • Open eBook $11.99
  • 9781509539192
Table of Contents
Introduction Out of the Arena
Chapter 1 The Tyranny of the Minority
Chapter 2 Destructive Creation
Chapter 3 E Pluribus Nihil
Chapter 4 Reflections on Two Revolutions
Chapter 5 Remaking One Nation
About the Author
Nick Timothy is a columnist for the Daily Telegraph and the Sun and a former Chief of Staff to Theresa May
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“Nick Timothy is a brilliant analyst of our present discontents. His insights are sharp, his writing is compelling and his arguments are powerful. He knows the problems with our politics and takes no prisoners on his quest to put them right.”
Michael Gove

“Nick Timothy has given us a powerful critique of the simplistic liberal ideology that has ruled the Right and the Left for a generation or more. Analyzing the destabilizing effects of unchecked free markets and an exclusive concern with individual freedom, he exposes the insecurities that have led to the dangerous rise of populism. Anyone who worries about the disordered state of politics today will profit from reading this hard-hitting book.”
John Gray

“Nick Timothy is one of the few thinkers on the Right who understands the dangers of untrammelled free-markets and the value of community. His ideas deserve a hearing from socialists as well as conservatives.”
Maurice Glasman

'Nick Timothy has long been one of the most imaginative and important writers on the nature and future of conservatism. But this superb book should be read by anyone with an interest in our changing world, the political response to it, and the path forward from an era of turmoil.'
Matthew d'Ancona, Editor and Partner, Tortoise Media

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