Gender and Social Movements
Gender and Social Movements

How does gender influence social movements? How do social movements deal with gender?

In <i>Gender and Social Movements</i>, Jo Reger takes a comprehensive look at the ways in which people organize around gender issues and how gender shapes social movements. Here gender is more than an individual quality, it is a part of the very foundation of social movements, shaping how they recruit, mobilize and articulate their strategies, tactics and identities. Moving past the gender binary, Reger explores how movements can shift understandings of gender and how backlash and countermovements can often follow gendered movement successes. Adopting both an intersectional and global lens, the book introduces readers to the idea that gender as a form of societal power is integral in all efforts for social change.

With a critical overview across different types of movements and gender activism, such as the women’s liberation, #Metoo and transgender rights movements, this book offers a solid foundation for those seeking to understand how gender and social movements interact.

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  • October 2021
  • 224 pages
  • 158 x 214 mm / 6 x 8 in
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  • Hardback $64.95
  • 9781509541324
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Table of Contents
Introduction: Integrating Gender and Social Movements

1. People in Movements: When Movements Focus on Single-Gender Concerns

2. Gender in Movements: What Happens in Multi-Gender Movements

3. Coming to the Movement: How Gender Influences Pathways to Activism

4. Guiding Social Change: When Gender Shapes Movement Trajectories

5. Legacies of Rise and Resistance: How Gender Sparks Change and Backlash

Conclusion: Where Do We Go from Here?
About the Author
Jo Reger is Professor of Sociology and Department Chair at Oakland University.
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