How to Fight Inequality(And Why That Fight Needs You)
How to Fight Inequality
(And Why That Fight Needs You)
Inequality is the crisis of our time. The growing gap between a few at the top and the rest of society damages us all. No longer able to deny the crisis, every government in the world is now pledged to fix it – and yet it keeps on getting worse. 

In this book, international anti-inequality campaigner Ben Phillips shows why winning the debate is not enough: we have to win the fight. Drawing on his insider experience, and his personal exchanges with the real-life heroes of successful movements, he shows how the battle against inequality has been won before, and he shares a practical plan for defeating inequality again. He sets a route map for us to overcome deference, build our collective power, and create a new story. 

Most books on inequality are about what other people ought to do about it – this book is about why winning the fight needs you. Tired of feeling helpless in the face of spiralling inequality? Want to know what you can do about it? This is the book for you.
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  • November 2020
  • 150 pages
  • 138 x 216 mm / 5 x 9 in
Available Formats
  • Hardback $59.95
  • 9781509543083
  • Paperback $19.95
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  • Open eBook $9.99
  • 9781509543106
Table of Contents
Why we need to win the fight against inequality
How we won the fight against inequality before
How we’ll win the fight against inequality again
Appendix: Who can you link up with to fight inequality
About the Author
Ben Phillips is co-founder of the Fight Inequality Alliance, civil society activist, and writer.
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