Introducing AnthropologyWhat Makes Us Human?
Introducing Anthropology
What Makes Us Human?, 2nd Edition
The perfect starting point for any student new to this fascinating subject, offering a serious yet accessible introduction to anthropology. 

Across a series of fourteen chapters, <i>Introducing Anthropology</i> addresses the different fields and approaches within anthropology, covers an extensive range of themes and emphasizes the active role and promise of anthropology in the world today. The new edition foregrounds in particular the need for anthropology in understanding and addressing today’s environmental crisis, as well as the exciting developments of digital anthropology.   

This book has been designed by two authors with a passion for teaching and a commitment to communicating the excitement of anthropology to newcomers. Each chapter includes clear explanations of classic and contemporary anthropological research and connects anthropological theories to real-life issues at the local and global levels. The vibrancy and importance of anthropology is a core focus of the book, with numerous interviews with key anthropologists about their work and the discipline as a whole, and plenty of ethnographic studies to consider and use as inspiration for readers’ own personal investigations. A clear glossary, a range of activities and discussion points, and carefully selected further reading and suggested ethnographic films further support and extend students’ learning. 

<i>Introducing Anthropology</i> aims to inspire and enthuse a new generation of anthropologists. It is suitable for a range of different readers, from students studying the subject at school-level to university students looking for a clear and engaging entry point into anthropology.
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  • June 2021
  • 368 pages
  • 195 x 260 mm / 8 x 10 in
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  • Paperback $39.95
  • 9781509544141
About the Author
Laura Pountney delivers teaching training for secondary education and is the author of a number of anthropology and sociology textbooks. She teaches at Colchester Sixth Form College

Tomislav Marić is Assistant Head Teacher at Bentley Wood High School
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“This new edition of Introducing Anthropology updates a formidable and thought-provoking inquiry into what makes us human, and highlights how students can knowledgeably take part in important but sometimes difficult conversations that help shape a more just and sustainable world.”
Edward Liebow, Executive Director, American Anthropological Association

“A classroom text written by teachers for teachers. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”
David Shankland, Director, Royal Anthropological Institute

“Now, more than ever, we need to gain an empathetic understanding of the peoples with whom we share our planet. This makes anthropology essential to basic education. Fortunately, this book provides an excellent introduction to the subject replete with fascinating illustrations and insights that convey just how absorbing and interesting this task can be. It is one of those books one immediately wishes everyone would read.”
Daniel Miller, University College London

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